Life Video

By Jack Mobley

A homeowner’s question about a possible evacuation was promptly answered when a large gas explosion went off.

Fire responders were dispatched to Mike Todd’s neighbourhood in Atlanta, Georgia on January 7 after a phone company drilled through a gas line.

A fireman knocked on Mike’s door, and he immediately asked if their home was being evacuated.

Before the fireman responded, a large gas explosion took place down the road making the pair suddenly jump.

The fireman calmly answered “That would be a yes” with impeccable comedic timing.

Mike said: “I answer the door and ask if we need to evacuate, and right as I say those words, there’s an explosion from next door.

“The fireman looks over, then says, “That would be a yes.”

“We ran inside to get our cats — we could only find on of the two in time unfortunately — and then evacuated about a block away.

“Our house miraculously seems to be untouched, though we still need to get an inspector to look at the roof to make sure no damage happened there.”