By Ellie Duncombe


As one calm buffalo passes this unassuming crocodile, the next buffalo isn’t as friendly as instead of going around the croc, he decides to send him flying out of his way.

Wildlife photographers, Jacques Joubert and Michelle Broadhurst were observing two solitary buffalo in the Northern Kruger National Park, South Africa.

Michelle and Jacques noted how the first buffalo took a small interest in the crocodile but moved on swiftly.

However, the situation became more hostile when the second buffalo came towards the crocodile and used his horns to shove the reptile out of his way.

Michelle admitted that although she has seen ill-tempered buffalo before, she’s never seen a scenario like this one.

Michelle said: “We were watching two solitary old buffalo bulls walking along the river to one of the few waterholes.

“The one buffalo stopped and curiously sniffed at the crocodile’s tail. This didn’t faze the crocodile at all.

“A second, very old and bad-tempered boy with worn-off horns was slowly moving along the water’s edge.

“All of a sudden, this old dagga boy attacked the croc and tossed him into the water.”