Offbeat Video

By Joe McFarlane 


An adult pantomime performance encouraged group participation, which resulted in a group of elderly people singing and dancing along to Khia’s infamous song ‘My Neck, My Back’.


As Hannah Barker, 19, sat down to enjoy a pantomime performance of Cinderella at the Mercury Theatre in Colchester, UK, she was treated to a show unlike any other she had witnessed before.


During the 18+ performance, the audience was encouraged to get involved with the lively show, resulting in a hilarious moment when elderly members got up onto their feet and starting signing and dancing along to the explicit song, ‘My Neck, My Back’ by R’N’B artist Khia.


Hannah said: “During most pantomimes there is usually a section when the characters get the audience to sing along to nursery rhymes. Because this was the adult only performance of the show, they decided to use the song ‘My Neck My Back’.


“I found it hilarious that an audience of mostly people my Nan’s age, including my Nan, were following along the dance and singing the lyrics beautifully. 


“I knew I had to capture the audience as I don’t think I’ll ever witness something so magical in all of my life again.”