Life Video

By Jack Mobley

This man challenged himself to do 10,000 sit ups in a time period of just 30 days with stunning results.

Arnaud Melis filmed his challenge during November, around his hometown of Brussels, Belgium.

Arnaud began on the first day with traditional sit ups and crunches but quickly realised that he would need to diversify his workout in order to achieve the best results.

He moved to a more varied workout for his chest and abdomen to work more muscles including; leg raises, side-to-side crunch, Russian twist, side plank reach through among others.

Towards the latter half of the month, Arnaud decided to move to a ketogenic diet (no carbs or sugars) to work alongside his daily routines.

The last ten days proved the hardest for Arnaud with many hours and sets completed, the pain only increased.

But after the final day, the comparison in physique is outstanding with the layer of fat trimmed off and the development of defined abs.

Arnaud said: “I love a good challenge, so I decided to do 10 000 sit-ups in one month, I also always wanted a six pack.

“Having sore abs was certainly hard but it’s amazing to see how you can get back at it once you take a little break in between sets.

“The hardest part of the challenge were certainly the last 10 days when I did the keto diet.

“I already had a good physique but my abs certainly were undertrained in comparison to other parts of my body.

“I knew it was going to be a hard challenge as you only see improvements of your abdominal muscles when you have a lower fat percentage, that’s also why I included the diet into this challenge.

“I liked the improvements that I saw, obviously I could follow my progress at first hand so I did see the positive evolution throughout the challenge.”