Amazing Offbeat Video

By Federico Cornetto


A company has created a DIY kit that allows cyclists to be on water.

The Shuttle Bike Kit was invented by late Italian designer Roberto Siviero at the end of the 90s and has now been sold in over 60 countries, including the US and Canada.

The kit includes a propeller that is fixed on to the bicycle’s front wheel and two inflatable pontoons to be placed on each side of the vehicle.

Administration and Sales Manager at SBK Engineering, Gabriele Perotti, 44, said that all of the kit’s components fit in a backpack and can be easily transported to any waterside location.

Gabriele said: “Shuttle Bike is easy to maneuver thanks to the fact that both propeller and handlebar are placed at the front of the vehicle.

“Another very interesting thing is that it will allow you to use all of your bicycle’s gears.

“The kit allows anyone to transform their bicycle into a safe and functional watercraft and access all kinds of locations which are harder to enter with bigger boats.

“You can use Shuttle Bike for sport, fitness, competition, fishing, guided tours and events.

“People are astonished when they see Shuttle Bike for the first time, but after trying it out they are conquered by the feeling of freedom that it gives.”

According to Gabriele, after building some hardwire components into your bike that do not affect its everyday use, the propeller and pontoons can be attached on to it in less than 15 minutes.

The average speed of the bike on water is 4mph, while the maximum speed registered is 7mph.