By Charlotte Orie


A former make-up artist has taught herself how to make incredible 3D animal cakes that are so realistic people are afraid to eat them.

Molly Robbins, from Lancashire, spends up to a week on each tasty creation and also takes on bigger wild animals such as giraffes, monkeys and elephants.

The award-winning 28-year-old, who trained as a special effects make-up artist, also travels the world teaching others how to bake their own masterpieces but admitted customers are often reluctant to eat her cakes because they look so realistic.


She said: “I have made most types of animal cakes, the most popular seem to be replicas of peoples dogs, although they tend not to get eaten as people feel cruel eating them.

“They vary, mainly due to the size and complexity. Sometimes they can take an hour or so, sometimes up to a week.

“If the cake is for a customer and is going to be eaten I don’t leave them longer than three days to decorate as I want them to be as fresh and delicious as possible. All the cakes are baked to order so it can be time consuming.

“I love animals more than anything, I have always been fascinated with them and love to challenge myself to capture a realistic look, as well as making things cute and funny where I can.

“I make a lot of dogs and cats, customers usually send photos of their pets and I try and capture them in cake and icing.

“My favourite response is when customers send photos of their real life dogs looking at their replica cake dogs.

“They sometimes growl and bark at them which is funny. Sometimes customers cry happy tears but I can’t say I enjoy that.

“I get asked to make all sorts, probably the strangest was a man I didn’t know who wanted me to make a life-size replica of myself so he could eat me. Safe to say I didn’t reply to that one.

“I teach classes a few times a year, where the  students are often professional cake makers, but we also have a few complete beginners there too.

“I love teaching, I like to think that if things are broken down enough then everyone can make something amazing.”