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By Neo Bye


This dog was completely uninterested by his bowl of food… until his owner took a tiny piece of kibble out of it.

Psychology student Serge Chedid, 23, from Canada, was amazed when he saw that his dog’s food bowl was full at the end of the day, but as soon as he took a piece of food out, Neo was suddenly keen to try it.

Although the bowl full of food was left out all day, three-year-old Neo wasn’t bothered by it by it all.

However, rather hilariously, it seems Neo was actually interested in the food. He just wanted his owner to feed it to him.

Serge admits that Neo is like that with most of his things and if Serge picks up one of his toys which he hasn’t shown any interest in previously, Neo will then want the toy for himself.

Serge said: “I took a piece of kibble from the food bowl my dog wasn’t eating from, and suddenly he became really interested in it and wanted it.

“He often does this and with everything; if he is playing with a toy and I suddenly pick up another toy casually, he would drop it and run to me begging for the toy, then if I give it to him and pick up the other toy he initially had, he would do the same.

“I’ve had Neo for around two and a half years, we brought him home in May 2017. He is the happiest dog I’ve ever met, and loves people a little too much.”