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This fascinated rodent took a keen interest in a boy’s Rubik’s cube by trying to copy the moves made and reaching out for the puzzle toy.

Leo Higgins was out in Zion National Park, Utah with his beloved Rubik’s cube late last year, when the squirrel came within a few feet of the group.

Leo bent down to show the curious critter the bright colours and snappy movements of the cube.

Video footage then shows the squirrel gesturing its hand as Leo solves the cube, as if it were completing the puzzle itself.

The squirrel then edges closer, mesmerised by the toy, and begins to reach out to grab it.

Leo said: “We went to Zion national park and I was turning the cube and the squirrel comes right up to me.

“It seems as if the squirrel is trying to grab it and you may hear in the video that some tourists are also in awe of the situation.

“Initially, I was a bit confused as I saw it approach me, but then as I saw it try to grab the cube.

“I thought It was really funny and asked my mom to start recording it.”