Amazing Video

By Joe McFarlane


Scaling anything is difficult but not many climbing feats are as tough as what these climbers in Italy attempted.

Interactive advertiser Gytis Burauskas from Vilnius, Lithuania, travelled to the Aosta Valley near Cogne, with three friends, where they put their ice climbing skills to the test, by scaling a frozen waterfall.

Cogne is a popular destination for ice climbers as it provides an incredible frozen landscape, but it can be dangerous.

The weather is volatile and climbers are at risk of toppling ice, other climbers and, of course, falling from a great height.

Ice climbing gives Gytis a thrill he can only get from braving such extreme elements and, despite its dangers, he loves travelling so far and wide to embrace nature’s wonders.

Gytis said: “Ice climbing is a dangerous activity and there’s always a risk involved.

“It can be falling ice, your mistakes, other climbers, especially climbing above you, unpredictable weather and other potential risks.

“However we were cautious and took safety measures. For example there’s increased risk of ice breaking and falling under sunshine, so on sunny days we avoided south facing waterfalls, or climbed very early in the morning.

“We climbed various waterfalls, some were short single pitch climbs, others were long multi pitch and multi section waterfalls that required the whole day to hike.

“There are various degrees of difficulty, some waterfalls can be easily climbed even for a novice climber given proper training, others are extremely dangerous and difficult.

“I enjoy nature and extreme activities. This makes me feel alive and also allows me to explore the wonders of nature and places that are not so easy to access.”