Amazing Video

By Jess Grieveson-Smith


A student has sparked a debate online over whether his drawings of cats – which take up to 40 hours to complete – are actually photographs.

From the whiskers to each individual hair on their body, Haruki Kudo, from Japan, has a unique method that creates a 3D effect – making it look as though the cat is very much there with you.

And as he shares his works with his ever growing following, the student has left social media users scratching their heads – as they can’t quite work out how he manages to achieve the incredible look.

Even with the original photograph side by side, it’s almost impossible to work out the differences between – making his skill even more amazing and some of his posts can gather almost more than 50k likes.

Now, he’s choosing to share footage of him drawing them out – in the hopes of finally convincing the sceptical few.

Haruki Kudo, 18, doesn’t only stick to drawing cats, but has a broad selection of dogs, insects and birds too but his feline companions are considered to be the most realistic.

Haruki said: “I’m not a professional artist at the moment, as I’m still studying, but it’s my hope for the future.

“I’m not taught or trained by anyone, and instead study on my own.

“A picture can take over 40 hours to complete, as I begin by engraving each individual hair to give it texture and express it.

“Using a combination of coloured pencils and an iron brush to engrave, my favourite photos have definitely been some of my cat ones, as they’re so realistic, they cause a lot of confusing.

“I only really started drawing and putting them out on social media two years ago, to see what others thought and to try and establish myself as an artist.

“I’ll only draw when I receive a request, as they do take so long but I love doing them.

“Right now, I don’t sell the pictures.

“I’m storing my works so that one day I can live out my dream.

“I want to hold a private exhibition, of all my own artwork.”

Kudo’s work can be seen on either Twitter @huwahuwa1_25 or Instagram @kudoharu125, where he’s constantly updating his portfolio.