Offbeat Video

By Joe McFarlane


A pair of brothers attempted to eat cereal out of each other’s mouths in a bizarre and hilarious viral trend.

When sitting down for morning breakfast at home in St. Petersburg, Florida, Jared Ethier, 22, poured himself a bowl of honey and cinnamon cereal.

However, unlike most, instead of using a normal bowl to slurp his cereal from, he used brother Josh’s mouth.

As Josh lay on the kitchen table, mouth open, Jared poured his milk and cereal into his Brother’s gaping mouth, before finishing off his hearty meal with a dash of honey.

Jared then proceeded to take a spoon and start eating his cereal out of his Brother’s mouth just as Josh burst out laughing, sending milk and cereal everywhere.

Josh said: “It was hard because I couldn’t hold my breath very well, we actually had to do two takes because in the first one I was choking.

“We thought it was hilarious.”