Offbeat Video

By Joe McFarlane


While removing a camera from the ceiling a musician fell and toppled into his $1,000 drum kit.

Deciding that he wanted the most impressive angles while recording himself playing the drums, Carter Collins, taped his phone to the ceiling.

After he had completed his set in his home of Canton, Ohio, the 18-year-old hopped onto the drum stool in order to the remove the camera.

However, before he knew what hit him, Carter lost his balance and went crashing down into his pricey $1,000 kit, sending sticks and snare drums flying all over the place.

Carter said: “In an attempt to record myself drumming, I duct taped my phone to my ceiling for a top-down view.

“After recording the video, I stood on my drum stool to get the phone down and the stool slipped out from under me causing me to fall on my drum set.

“It was very painful. I couldn’t move my right shoulder for a week after.

“I was very embarrassed.”