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By Neo Bye


This Labrador can provide perfect cuddles but you might just get lost in her adorable rolls of excess skin.

Sunny Snyder from Los Angeles, USA, has had Tali, a yellow Labrador, since she was just eight weeks old.

Now five years old, Tali is still as playful as ever, but one noticeable difference is the excess skin she developed as she grew.

Since she was around three years old, Sunny noticed how blubbery Tali’s skin was and how stretchy it had become.

The endless rolls don’t seem to bother Tali who actually enjoys the way Sunny massages them for her.

Sunny said: “My dog’s name is Tali, she’s named after Tali’Zorah from the Mass Effect video game series.

“We’ve had her since she was a puppy, about eight weeks old. We adopted her from a professional breeder who breeds show dogs, but we just wanted a Labrador as a regular pet.

“She’s very sweet, cuddly and silly. We have another dog who she’s best friends with, named Moogie.

“Tali’s skin became very blubbery since she was fully grown, I’d say since the age of three.

“For some reason, she has a lot of extra skin all over her, and it stretches and blubbers everywhere when you pet her a certain way, which she loves, it’s like a massage.”