Amazing Life Video

By Joe McFarlane


An incredible artist turned ordinary doodles and scribbles into an accurate portrait of the late, great Robin Williams.

Artist Dino Tomic had made a name for himself by thinking outside of the box in order to create amazing works of art.

Working out of his home in Notodden, Norway, Dino started a piece that just looked like a bunch of random doodles and scribbles.

However, before long, the humble doodles transformed into an accurate and incredible portrait of the late beloved comedian and actor Robin Williams.

Dino said: “The process is trial and error since everything I do has not been done before, so I just try everything I can to make it work.

“I create anything that has a reason, either a story or a meaning, either for me personally or for the general public.

“I feel awesome making all kinds of work because I can think outside of the box and experiment with things normally no one does.”