Animals Video

By Federico Cornetto and Siarhei Biazberdy


A meerkat and a cat who are best friends were filmed sharing cuddles in a heartwarming series of videos.

Meerkat Suria, six, and cat Nice, eight, are two inseparable companions from Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Owner Ekaterina Kuraeva, 45, says the two animals spend 24 hours a day together and love each other to the point of jealousy.

Ekaterina has filmed Suria and Nice cuddling up, scratching and embracing each other in some adorable videos that went viral online.

Ekaterina said: “When we got Suria, Nice was already living with us, they bonded straight away.

“Now they spend the whole day together, every day.

“They do everything together, eating, sleeping and playing.

“Suria is definitely the most affectionate one, but Nice loves the meerkat too, he loves playing with him and licking him up.”

“Suria is very jealous when I spend time with the cat, when I take him in my arms, he gets nervous and starts jumping trying to get him back.”