Animals Video

By Jess Grieveson-Smith


From running at over 43mph to climbing aboard a jet ski, Maggie the Vizsla will do anything to keep up with best mate and owner, Alex Maglione, 45.

The inseparable pair do everything together – with Alex, who rents and sells heavy equipment – now believing Maggie could even be the ‘fastest trail dog in the world.’

Using off-road bike trails such as single track, back-country roads, and  some advanced trails designed with jumps, Alex has made sure his pooch won’t want to stay at home.

The active pooch never wants to be left behind, so when she’s not running trails with Alex on his bike,  she’s also been known to jet ski, swim, kayak and even go and watch sports car racing with her beloved owner.

Alex said: “Maggie has been training specifically to run the trails since a pup.

“We’ve got over 200 videos of that on YouTube, and she’s always interacting with people because she’s so friendly and loved.

“I believe she’s not only the fastest trail dog in the world but also the most documented trail dog in the world.

“Maggie has been clocked several times with a top speed of 43 mph but her endurance is what is most impressive.

“She wants to keep up with me on my bike, stick by me so she’s truly man’s best friend.

“We do so much together – she loves anything to do with balls, with water so I’ve got plenty of memories – of us watching dolphins together, jet skiing, kayaking.

“She’s only four years old, but she’s so impressive, we’re rarely apart.

“When she’s on things like the jet ski, she knows how to stay on it and she’ll often jump in to swim with the wild dolphins.

“Maggie is such a sweet and loving dog – she’s truly the ultimate sidekick.”