Amazing Nature

By Lucy Harvey


These eye-catching images show a male cuttlefish trying to impress the ladies – by transforming the colour of his skin into a rainbow pattern.

Taken by photographer David Edgar, 30, the images show the cuttlefish as it gradually changes the colour and texture of its skin.

The stunning photos were taken by David at Cabbage Tree Bay in the sea close to Manly Beach, Sydney, Australia.

David said: “These photos are of the giant cuttlefish, the largest species of cuttlefish in the world that are found in the waters of southern Australia.

“The giant cuttlefish are able to change their colour and texture of their skin in a matter of seconds – either to camouflage into their surroundings, to ward off predators or to attract a mate.

“The male cuttlefish often adopt striking rainbow patterns during the mating season in an attempt to impress the females. The cuttlefish are typically quite shy and are often found hiding under rocks.

“However, during the mating season, the larger males often put on flamboyant multi-coloured displays as they swim openly in the bay.

“They aren’t particularly concerned by divers when they are focused on finding a mate. Giant cuttlefish have a reputation for ‘living fast and dying young’ – only living 1-2 years, so they really need to focus on finding a mate.

“They have three hearts and green blood, making them one of the most alien-like animals in the world.”