Life Video

By Cally Brooks


A Brit claims French train conductors ordered her to climb out of a train driver’s door and walk 500 meters along live train tracks after she accidentally boarded the wrong train.

Lily Morgan, 21, who is originally from Essex, says she accidentally boarded an out-of-service train after struggling to understand French rail signs.

The entertainer, who is currently living in France, described to her 3433 Twitter followers being escorted off the train by a conductor – and being forced to walk along the tracks back to Marne-la-Vallee station, near Paris.

Lily said: “I felt pretty stupid for getting on the wrong train.

The train conductor started ushering me through the train and he didn’t speak English well at all, I started filming because I wanted to show my friends.

He took me to the front of the train where the driver would normally sit and I was told to climb down the ladder onto the live train tracks.

My hands were covered in dirt and I posted those pictures on twitter.

It was an adventure and the train conductor was super understanding”.

Lily had boarded the train at Marne-la-Vallee, near Paris, and quickly noticed that the train was eerily empty. She was then approached by a French train conductor, who didn’t speak any English, who ushered her through the train to the driver’s cabin.

The train had come to a stop and Lily claims she was ordered to climb out of the driver’s side door and down a ladder directly onto the live train tracks- despite this being extremely dangerous. She was then escorted back to the train station, along the train tracks, which took five minutes.

It later emerged that the train had been out of service and was not supposed to be boarded but Lily, who was having language barrier issues, only found this out when she was approached by the conductor.

She explained: “The train was empty, the conductor kept peering round to try and spot anyone else but it was just me’.

Lily, who is currently working in France as an entertainer, took to Twitter to blow off some steam and she gained a big response from her following, she said ‘I have a lot of friends who follow me on Twitter and they were shocked, people thought it must have been illegal’.

She was supposed to take the RER A train towards Val D’Europe but the stations can be confusing for someone who is not local to the area.

After the strange ordeal, Lily ended up on the right train but not without being left with dirt-stained hands to mark her odd experience.