Video Viral

By Jack Mobley

A golfing prodigy pulls off a number of stunning golf trick shots at just the age of six.

Leo Boniface practices his silky skills at Cuddington Golf Club in Surrey as father, Lester Boniface, watches on.

Leo performs some mind-boggling shots such as holing a chip without the ball bouncing and hitting the ball over a cart and into the hole.

In addition, Leo hits a ball off a tee that dad, Lester is holding in his teeth in a heart-racing moment.

Leo has been playing since the age of three and has only been improving with the practice of the trick shots.

Lester said: “Leo loves golf and dreams of being a professional one day.

“He is a very talented child and I have no problem with him spending as much time playing golf as he wants.

“It’s a great way to grow up as there is so much in life that you can learn on a golf course.”