Amazing Life Video

By Joe McFarlane


A 69-year-old man hopes to live to be 300 by completing intense workouts.

Though looking good for his age, Kyiv based work-out fanatic Ruslan Bozhaev wants to live a healthy lifestyle to smash the world record for oldest living person, with the current record standing at 122 years.

Now retired from the oil business, Ruslan focuses all of his time and attention on the quality of his life.

Working out daily in Kyiv, Ukraine, Ruslan can pull off moves people half his age could only dream of, including handstands, pole vaulting and even acrobatic stunts.

Ruslan said: “My target is to reach 300 hundred years old. I’m not joking, I know it’s real and want to prove it to the world.

“I want to change people’s thoughts about age and the abilities of the human body: they are unlimited. I want to break the stereotype that old people are weak and feeble. It’s not true. Limits don’t exist, and I’m the example of that.

“My lifestyle is simple, I want to live as much as I can with the maximum level of health and high level of physical abilities.

“My exercises are my challenges. Humans must be comprehensively developed, that’s why I use different exercises from various kinds of sports.”

But Ruslan hasn’t been intensely into athletics his entire life, as some sports, such as long-jumping, was only taken up by the health-conscious Ukrainian when he was 45.

Ruslan said: “I met a great coach who offered to train me. I thought why not? That was the beginning of my sports path.

“I worked hard and got good results, including a silver medal at the World Championships and two-time second place at the European Championships in the masters category. I also became a multiple-time national champion.

“I understood two things, that age is just a number and anything is possible if you truly want it.

“As for the exercises, I do lots of stuff. I try to do my training process as diverse as possible. The goal of all exercises is to challenge me. They make me stronger and better.

“I like to see people saying ‘it’s impossible at your age, how do you do it’.

“Limits are only in people’s heads and I want to crush them.

“It’s not difficult at all if you do it regularly, consistently and passionately. That’s all. Age is just a number. I can do lots of things teenagers cannot do.

“It brings me positive vibes, lots of energy and good emotions. I love what I do, so I never want to stop doing it. If you stop, you are done.”