Life Video

By Jack Mobley

This woman excitedly freaked out when she saw her husband for the first time in nearly a year after he was deployed with the United States Marine Corps overseas.

Jenea Means had just arrived at her extended family’s home for Thanksgiving dinner in Montgomery, Alabama, when she was greeted with a surprise.

Her husband, Gerren Means, had flown back and went straight to the dinner where he waited for his wife.

Jenea was oblivious to Gerren for a split-second then completely freaked out; jumping and screaming with glee whilst embracing her husband.

Jenea said: “Unbeknownst to me, my husband flew in on Thanksgiving Day and went straight to dinner and surprised my family before I arrived.

“So, when I got to the dinner my family were so happy to see me and they were singing but it was all a set up to surprise me with my husband’s homecoming.

“I was so shocked, I had to take a look at him twice to make sure it was him.

“I couldn’t stop hugging him.

“I was praying faithfully every day for him to come back home safely. I thank God my prayers were answered.”