Amazing Animals Nature

By Mikey Jones


These heartwarming photos show the moment a wild bear pauses for thought – at the end of a rainbow.

Taken by photographer Liana Varavskaia, 50, the stunning images show bear in the wilds of the South Kamchatka sanctuary in the Kronotsky nature reserve, Eastern Russia.

In one shot, the bear sits up straight looking out into the distance as birds fly around him.

Liana said that the pictures were among the most dramatic he has taken.

He said: “I have been in love with bears since I was a child. When my friends were playing with dolls I was playing with teddy bears.

“My love for these mighty and gorgeous animals has always driven me.

“I took these shots while I was wading across the river and I saw the bear with the rainbow in the background.

“I knew it would make a good shot even before I took it.

“I jumped into the river and started to shoot even though I was up to my waist in water.

“The bear was posing like a model and it was quite a rare moment to capture.

“I’m just pleased that I was in the right place at the right time.”