By Lucy Notarantonio


Licking his lips, Schmitt, this miniature dachshund appears to be in a food coma buried in chocolate, chips or crisps.

But it is all an illusion – the adorable pouch is lying with an A3 canvas on top of him – with his nose perfectly placed in a hole made to measure.

His arty owner Bethany Li, 25, from Newcastle upon Tyne, has put her adorable dog Schmitt’s snout to use by creating the perfect picture.

Photogenic Schmitt, two, has been getting nose-deep in savoury and sweet trips for the since April 2018.





Bethany said: “He absolutely loves having his photo taken and he is a complete natural.

“It takes just a few seconds to get the perfect shot because he is cooperative and doesn’t make a fuss about the canvas.

“Sometimes he can barely resist the food when he licks his lips and I do reward him with food he is allowed but he has refused pizza before.

“He isn’t a food orientated dog – he just aims to love and please.

“He loved the dog food one the most which is funny because you’d think he would want to eat the fries.

“I’m quite lucky Schmitt is so cooperative and my little performer he’s obedient and super relaxed.”

Bethany glues the food onto the canvas to create a 3D effect – she peels it off and reuses the canvas.

She said: “I have always been creative and one day I tried it and it worked – he is so well behaved and would literally let me do anything.

“I give him either a dog treat after or a little bit of cheese to reward him.”