Life Video

By Joe McFarlane


A heavy metal-loving mum recorded the hilarious moment her one-year-old identical twins head banged along with Slipknot.

Brothers Lincoln and Ace Yetsick have been brought up on heavy metal music ever since they were in the womb.

When mum Melissa turned on the song ‘Psychosocial’ at home in Washington, Pennsylvania, the pair lit up with a huge smile before starting to dance and head bang.

It’s nothing new for the pair as they always used to kick in the womb whenever their 27-year-old mum would turn on the high-tempo genre.

Melissa said: “I did not think they would go as crazy as they did. They got very excited for the song and continued to dance and head bang.

“Any time they are upset we play music and heavy metal usually calms them down quicker. ‘Psychosocial’ is my go-to song whenever they are upset.

“There is so much hate in the world, and if my children head banging to heavy metal can bring joy to someone, then I’m doing something right.

“We introduced heavy metal while they were still in the womb. Any time we played any other type of music, they would not move. But any time we put on heavy metal, they would kick.”