By Ellie Duncombe

This fire extinguisher has been turned into a forge thanks to the work of a concrete finisher.

Eugene Gretskyi repurposed the fire extinguisher over the course of a week in his workshop in Edmonton, Canada, starting in December.

Eugene began by emptying the canister and cutting off the top, then attaching four legs to hold the forge steady.

Work then turned to the flame mechanism that would be heating the entire vessel that was capable of heating metals to the point that they are malleable.

Concrete is then poured into the can and left to set then once all parts are assembled, the forge is complete.

Eugene said: “This project was more like experiment, because I wasn’t following any plans, pretty much just improvising.

“I took some time to adjust the burner, so the flame would ‘breathe’ properly and heat up the forge quicker.

“The forge is working pretty well and I’m able to heat metal in it to the point when it loses magnetism, which is above 770°C.

“This forge was made to anneal and harden steel, as I want to get into knifemaking where such a thing is a must.”