By Jack Mobley

This man visited an ex-Soviet apartment building and found that the taps work in reverse by sucking the water in like a syringe.

Aleks Malakhovsky was visiting his family in Zhodzina, Belarus, at their home in an ex-Soviet apartment bloc in September 2019.

The footage shows Aleks hold up a full glass of water to the tap before turning it on.

The water then is sucked up into the pipe like a magic trick but in fact, the tap’s pressure inside of the building is broken according to Aleks.

Aleks said: “In old Soviet multi-story mass housing apartments, if you happen to be on the upper levels, the faucets drinks the water during water outages.

“When the water recedes from the pipes and goes down towards the lower stories, it creates suction similar to pulling back a syringe.

“ If you then open a faucet, the higher atmospheric pressure in the room pushes the water from the cup into the piping using the same exact principle by which we drink from a straw.

“I thought the whole situation was hilarious and my family was standing next to me trying not to laugh as I filmed the video.”