By Jack Mobley

This dog trainer managed to teach her fun-loving pooch to play Connect 4.

Sarah Shapiro-Ward and her clever cockapoo, Percy, managed to play an entire game of Connect 4 as Percy dropped his own counters into place.

Filmed in their home in Toronto, Canada, Sarah and Percy played the board game with her pooch taking a counter and dropping it into the frame.

But Sarah wasn’t willing to lay down for Percy as she wins the game despite his best efforts.

Sarah said: “It was really challenging to teach Percy, it’s not easy for a dog to have the dexterity required for this.

“We have done a lot of work retrieving and dropping items, so I was confident that he could do this without eating the tokens.

“The hardest part was teaching him how to hold the token correctly – between his front teeth so that it hangs out and can fit into the slot.

“Once he learned that, it was simply a case of teaching him to drop the coins through different sized slots until he could ‘post’ the token through a slot the same size as the game’s board.”