By Neo Bye


An electricity transformer lit up the night sky as it exploded above a street.

Joaquín Gomez Moabre was walking through to his home in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on December 24, 2019 when he was greeted by a flash of blue light.

Looking closer, it was clear that a transformer on top of an electricity pylon above the street had blown, causing bright sparks to fly into the air.

Joaquin said: “I believe there was a short circuit because since this time of the year it always gets really hot here and everyone uses the air conditioning at the same time

“Luckily the power transformer that exploded didn’t actually belong to our block, it was the block next to us.

“These problems are rather common here, and the usual protocol is just calling the electric agency or the council and they send some workers to fix the machine.

“This usually takes between two and four days.”