By Dan Coles


This urban explorer has peeked inside a closed brothel, taking pictures of a building that is claimed to have been a hub for human trafficking.

Dax Ward, 39, visited the closed brothel in Kanchanaburi, Thailand, on December 29, 2019, after glimpsing the eerie building for the first time and wanting to take a deeper dive in to discover what remained inside.

The spooky set of images show the now crumbling brothel, which closed in 1986, in tatters with mattresses across the floor – including the “selection room” where hundreds of women would be lined up and offered to incoming customers.

The building has been closed for over 30 years but is still watched over by caretakers who have lived beside the brothel since it opened and it’s subsequent closure.

Dax said: “I’ve documented a fair number of disturbing places over the past few years, but on the day I ventured into this place I saw what was the most horrifying left-behind site that I can remember.

“Fittingly, Brothel 35 stands empty and broken, just as were the lives of the untold number of women and girls who were forced into sexual slavery within its walls.

“As far as I can tell, the building was opened in the 1960’s for around 20 years, and was an. Operation for human trafficking,

“Patrons entered the brothel through the lobby where they would look into the windowed ‘fish-bowl’, a bleacher-like stepped sitting area for the women.

Dax was led around the site by the building’s caretaker, who showed him around the property with her son.

He initially discovered it’s existence by reading several ghost hunting articles which described the decrepit building as “the most horrifying and scary building in the whole of Thailand, and a prostitute tomb.

He said: “The first person we met when we arrived was an elderly woman who has lived next to the brothel her entire life.

“She is now aged 85 and asked one of her sons to give me a tour of the premises, as they described themselves as caretakers of the property.

“The brothel was open 24-hours a day, 7-days per week, and catered to a diverse array of clientele.  Johns ranged from the local affluent, businessmen & politicians to blue-collar laborers.

“As a man, and as a human being, it’s hard to imagine how someone could walk into what was obviously a place where women and young girls were kept against their will and subjected to horrendous treatment, and still have no problem with purchasing them for sex.

“I’ll never forget Brothel 35.”