By Joe McFarlane


A pair of talented acrobats perform amazing, head-spinning routines that blow people away.

Tomas Teka Alemu, 18, and Tamrat Yemane, 28, began their acrobatic careers in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, with the young Tomas starting when he was just five years old.

But now, the skilled performers travel the world, impressing audiences with their gravity defying routines.

As Tamrat lays down on his back, he continuously flips the smaller Tomas in the air, just using the power of his legs.

With Tamrats force, Tomas spins and twirls in the air in a head-spinning set of amazing routines.

Tomas said: “I’m hoping to inspire people to become motivated and become a great performer.

“It feels amazing when I’m able to perform a new trick.”