By Alyce Collins


A husband was left baffled by his wife’s literal bun in the oven pregnancy reveal, eventually having to have the great news explained to him.

Lanikka Wright, 24, wanted to create the ultimate pregnancy reveal for her husband, Eric Harris, 32, and decided that putting an actual bun in the oven was the perfect way to do so.

However, when Eric found the bun in the oven, the notion didn’t quite click in his mind and he became confused as to why Lanikka, from Perth Amboy, New Jersey, had put it there.

After asking him numerous questions and repeating the phrase, ‘bun in the oven’, Eric eventually realised what she was trying to convey and he was ecstatic once he knew.

Lanikka said: “Eric is into riddles and jokes, so I thought this would be a funny way to reveal my pregnancy to him.

“He reacted pretty much exactly how I expected him to. I just didn’t expect him to take so long to catch on. He’s so smart and good at figuring things out rather quickly.

“I thought his reaction was hilarious. He looked like he was going to faint. We have two boys already and our younger son is a handful so he was probably picturing having another child like our little one.

“I also thought it was funny that he reacted as if he didn’t have anything to do with my getting pregnant.”