Life Video

By James Somper


This home video shows the moment a deaf baby hears his mother’s voice for the first time.

10-month-old Arlo Clark was born with partial deafness in both ears and could only hear sounds at a certain pitch.

His heartbroken parents Sara and Adrian Clark were finally told he was deaf when the brave tot was eight-months-old.

Now, thanks to doctors at Worcestershire Royal Hospital, Arlo can now hear the sound of his mother’s voice after he was fitted with a hearing aid.

The mum-of-two from St Peter’s, Worcs, said: “The moment I saw that he could hear my voice I had tears in my eyes.

“I wasn’t expecting him to be able to hear me at all. I couldn’t believe that at last he could hear me.

“Adrian and I haven’t been able to sing to him or have any of those special moments that you typically have with newborns.

“Unless you were standing in front him in a quiet room and were directly looking at him, he couldn’t hear you.

“Now that he can hear we feel like we finally have him properly in our lives.”

Sara, 31, and Adrian, 39, realised that something wasn’t quite right with their baby boy after he was only a few weeks old.

Sara said: “I noticed pretty much straight away that something was wrong.

“If you sneezed around our eldest Corey even when he was small he would notice it but Arlo didn’t appear to notice sounds around him at all and would sleep through anything.

“He had a few hearing tests after he was born but it wasn’t until he was 8-months-old that we were told that he was deaf.

“It’s been quite difficult for me as I’m with him all the time.

“It’s been tricky to get his attention. If the room is too loud or too quiet he can’t hear at all.

“We went to baby sign language classes with him and he can do about ten signs in total with us.

“He wasn’t able to make sense of certain sounds or process them. If you said his name he’d only be able to hear you if you were standing directly in front of him.

“It’s been quite upsetting for Adrian and I. We haven’t been able to have lots of the special moments you tend to have with newborns like singing to them or playing games.”

But the Clark’s heartbreak was finally ended after doctor’s fitted Arlo with a hearing aid on his left ear on December 10th.

Sara decided to film the moment her brave boy was finally able to hear his mummy’s voice as Adrian wasn’t able to get the time off from his busy job as a train ticket inspector and wanted to witness the moment.

She said: “The doctor put the hearing aid onto Arlo’s left ear and turned it on.

“At first he looked completely shocked and then once I started talking to him he started to giggle and to smile.

“It was very emotional for me and for Adrian when I showed him the video.”

Sara added that Arlo will receive a hearing aid for his right ear later in the year.

She said: “He hears all sounds now. Feeding times are a lot easier because I can call him and he’ll hear me.

“We can sing and play with him now so we can finally interact with him.

“It’s great to have our boy back properly in our lives.”

A spokesperson for Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust said: “Our dedicated staff work day in, day out to provide the best possible care to patients, so we’re delighted to hear that the outcome in Arlo’s case has been so positive.

“We will be sure to share his family’s thanks with the team involved in his care, and wish him well.”