Nature Video

By Neo Bye


A lucky snorkeller swam alongside a pod of 40 dolphins.

Jan Ruggaber, from Kempen, Germany, was on holiday in Egypt when he decided to go swimming in the Red Sea.

Jumping into the crystal-clear waters, the 23-year-old was immediately joined by the friendly pod.

Closely surrounded by the dolphins, Jan has an up-close view of their tails as they glide through the sea.

Jan said: “They were so strong. They were swimming very slowly but I had to give very thing to keep up with them.

“And that was the amazing thing.

“They were so calm and friendly and not shy at all.

“They didn’t really care about us, there was a mother with her child right next to me. And they were so close maybe 20cm from my hand. Swimming eye to eye was a magical moment.”