Life Video

By Federico Cornetto


A community came together and brought five tonnes of snow to the garden of a girl too sick to go on a winter holiday.

Little two-year-old Quinn Walker suffers from a condition called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, which means she was born with half a heart.

The toddlers condition relies on her to be hooked up to an oxygen support machine at all times she is awake which caused her to miss a family trip to the mountains to see the snow this year.

But on January 3, the local community, from Gilbert, Arizona, came together and deposited five tonnes of snow in the Walkers’ driveway, for the amusement of little Quinn who immediately began to play with sleds and shovels.

Quinn’s mother, Sandee, 33, said: “My husband Adam is a fireman and the first responders in the city he works for got together and made our snow day happen.

“Money was donated by Casa Grande Police Department, Casa Grande Fire Department along with local foundations.

“They had a company come to our home and make the snow with a snow machine!

“Quinn was so excited to see the snow in our driveway, she jumped right in and started making a snowman with her brothers.

“Quinn’s condition is affecting her daily life tremendously right now.

“She is on oxygen support while active, and she can’t participate in sports or run and play without oxygen.

“She will be having her third open-heart surgery in April this year.

“Fortunately, there are things like this which help us not to think about the hospitals and appointments that we go to all the time.”