Life Video

By Joe McFarlane

When this fully grown man tries to master the hover board, he ends up taking a hilarious tumble.

Robert Stevenson captured the funny fall on the evening of his birthday on December 30, at his party at home in Columbus, Ohio.

Jonathan Rinehart, a 41-year-old art teacher, vowed never to try his daughter’s hover board but after a few drinks, he decided to take it for a spin.

His worst fears came true as struggled immediately, having trouble keeping his balance and manoeuvring around the kitchen.

Increasingly losing control over the personal segway, Jonathan loses the hover board and slips with his feet being completely wiped from underneath him, laying flat on his back.

Robert said: “I saw Jonathan’s daughter zipping around with ease and decided to give it a try, it was challenging just to stay upright but I was able to get dismount without falling.

“I guess this gave Jonathan a false sense of confidence, everyone knew it was going to end badly, even the dog, everyone except Jonathan!

“He went down hard but fortunately came out ok – no hospital visits required – it truly was a best case scenario.

“We were all a bit concerned at first but saw he was okay and were all just amazed at what we had just witnessed.

“It was the best birthday present ever!”