Animals Video

By Federico Cornetto


A hilarious slow-motion video features a dog and a cat engaging in an epic fight with each other.

Pooch Kevin, one, and cat Logan, two, do not like each other, despite living in the same house in Edmonton, Canada.

On December 24, owner Ashley Savloc filmed an amusing slow-motion video, which saw Kevin and Logan confronting each other.

In the footage, which garnered thousands of views online, the two animals are seen fighting for top spot on the couch, while making dramatic expressions worthy of an war film.

Ashley said: “They don’t like each other at all, but they never fight to hurt each other, it’s almost like they do it for sport.

“Kevin always gets his feelings hurt, as you can tell by his expression.

“I could watch them fight all day!

“The most epic things happen, from Logan jumping straight up in the air when Kevin charges at him, to Kevin chasing him and smacking into walls”.