Amazing Animals Nature Video

By Joe McFarlane


A brave farmer who has been tackling the bushfires in Australia risked his life in order to save a baby kangaroo from a blazing inferno.

Just like countless other people across Australia, builder and farmer Sam McGlone, has been tackling the dangerous and incessant bushfires that have been tearing across the country.

While battling a fire in his home of Braidwood, New South Wales, on January 2, the 24-year-old stumbled across a baby joey in need.

Rushing over to the defenceless infant who was covered in dirt and ash, Sam picked up the frightened animal and safely removed it from the engulfing fire.

Wrapping up the adorable joey and placing it safely in his car, Sam gave the Joey a drink and made sure they were hydrated before taking the animal to the local wildlife sanctuary.

Sam said: “It’s been super hard and tiring. It’s been giving me anxiety because it’s long days, really hot and very dangerous.

“The fire has been super hard and has lasted for over 10 days.

“It was very stressful as we weren’t getting much sleep as the fire was by our house, which meant we’ve had to check it at 2 or 3AM every morning.

“It’s been really draining and hard to be so scared that a fire can burn your house when you’re sleeping.

“We’ve saved many houses in our local area but we are still battling fires now which is very hard.

“It felt so good to save the animal. It was amazing and worth it.

“The kangaroo is safe and healthy.”