Animals Life Video

By Federico Cornetto


This is the adorable moment a young boy became overwhelmed with emotion while being reunited with his missing cat.

Logan Overlin, 11, from Yelm, Washington, was heartbroken when he learned his cat Frank, four, had disappeared earlier in 2019.

According to Logan’s mum Marlene Overlin, 36, Frank, who is a very smart cat, had let himself out of the house by opening the door to the back porch, and never came back.

A few weeks after the disappearance, Logan received the sweetest surprise when he came home and found Frank safe and well, waiting for him in Marlene’s arms.

An adorable video of the young boy becoming overwhelmed with emotion while embracing the cat has gained thousands of views on social media.

Marlene said: “Frank is a ridiculously smart cat, he taught himself how to open the screen door leading to the back porch, which we were not prepared for.

“One day he let himself out of that door and we couldn’t find him anywhere.

“I knew how hard it was on Logan to have him gone, and he didn’t know whether he was alive or not.

“There were many tears that were shed over Frank’s disappearance.”

Marlene says Frank was finally found roaming the streets of a neighbourhood a few miles from the family’s house, nearly a month after he’d gone missing.

Marlene said: “A woman had posted a picture of this orange cat who just showed up on their street one day.

“We didn’t mention it to Logan because we didn’t want him to get his hopes up in case we couldn’t find Frank.

“Then the woman messaged me to let me know she found Frank and had him in a small kennel on her front porch, waiting for me.

“He’d lost a lot of weight and was extremely hungry, but has recovered quickly.

“He hasn’t tried to leave the house since.”