Offbeat Video

By Federico Cornetto


Two tourists have been fined after walking their ostrich-like pet birds through the busy streets of Venice.

A passer-by captured the hilarious moment some Slovenian tourists walked two huge Rheas, South American birds similar to ostriches, through the narrow streets of the Italian city, on January 2.

Not only did the animals, called Nina and Nande, capture the bemused looks of everyone present, but the owners earned themselves a fine of €400 and got barred from re-entering the city for two days.

The bold tourists ended up being put on a train back to San Donà del Piave, a town close-by where they had lodged before visiting Venice.

Speaking to La Nuova di Venezia e Mestre newspaper, one of the birds’ owners, Kmetija Cetin, who owns an educational farm in Škofljica, Slovenia, said: “We apologise to everyone for the inconvenience.

“These are not dangerous animals, we breed them to play with children.”

Student Dorra Frihi, who captured a video of the scene, said: “Everyone was surprised seeing these creatures strolling around the city.

“You could hear people shouting things like ‘Venice isn’t a zoo’, ‘I don’t believe it’, or simply laughing out loud.”