Amazing Nature Video

By Lucy Harvey


In this stunning set of photos, a underwater photographer manages to capture rare interaction between whales and humans.

Taken in the South Pacific, David Edgar, 30, caught snaps of complete serenity as his wife, Alice, 31, freedives next to the gentle giants – and the calm creatures seem unbothered by her presence.

Yet the pair weren’t content with just diving with humpback whales, also taking shots with whale sharks in the Philippines – where the young gather to feed on plankton.

David said: “My wife Alice has an amazing connection with whales that allows her to share incredible moments underwater with these gentle giants.

“Freediving is essentially taking one big breath at the surface before diving down and interacting with the animals – sometimes for over a minute and occasionally at depths of up to 15 meters.

“Despite the size of these animals, and the raw power that they have, there is almost a sense of complete serenity and calm when swimming alongside them.

“They are very aware of humans in the water and I get the sense that they are as curious of us as we are of them – particularly the young calves.”