Life Video

By Joe McFarlane


A grandson was entrusted to pick up his Grandma for a family gathering, but what resulted was a hilarious, time-consuming ordeal.

Trent Madden was tasked with picking up his sweet and eccentric 80 year-year-old Grandma ‘Ammaw’ so she could join in with the family’s festive celebrations.

However, time was of the essence for Trent as he was given a strict five minute deadline in order to pick-up Ammaw from her apartment in Dallas, Texas.

Arriving at 10.45 on the dot, the agreed upon time went out the window as Ammaw wasn’t ready, and instead proceeded to take her time as she chit-chatted about anything and everything as she slowly got ready.

It was only after the fifty minute mark that Ammaw was ready, and though the pair may have missed their deadline, the end result was a hilarious video.

Trent said: “I thought it was funny but I also knew we really had to get going so I kept asking her if she was ready.

“The family thought it was ridiculous but they know she is pretty eccentric and takes forever to get ready. There’s a reason they sent me over.”