Animals Video

By Mike Jones


A shocked photographer captured the moments a leopard can be seen playing with a baby impala, before eating it just moments later.

Karl van der Westhuizen,38, a safari guide from Cape Town captured the moment at Greater Kruger National park on December 14, during a tour.

The group stopped to see the leopard named Nkanyi but little did they know what they were going to watch next.

Karl said: “When we arrived, she was on the move, normally when cats are on the move like that, they’re doing one of two things, either marking territory or hunting, and she wasn’t scent marking anywhere.

“I had just called on our drive radio that I would be stopping for coffee, when my colleague called me back immediately, hardly even able to speak from his excitement to say that I should come back to the sighting right away, as she’d just killed an Impala lamb.

“I got all my clients back into the truck and raced back, only to find that the lamb was actually still alive and Nkanyi was now ‘playing’ with it.

“These kinds of sightings can be very difficult to watch, so I briefed my clients very quickly about what to expect emotionally.

“Some of the clients were in shock at first and needed to be reminded that this is once in a lifetime and they need to take photos.

“Others were already clicking away, not listening to any advice I may have had, while one lady wasn’t dealing with the situation too well at all and burst into tears.

“It was an incredible morning, one that won’t be repeated easily again.”