Animals Video

By Hannah Phillips and Hollie Bone


A vengeful pug takes revenge on his owner by pooing on her possessions when he’s miffed.

Seven-year-old pooch Frank, lets owner Holly Munoz know when he’s feeling peeved by pooping on her favourite objects – including inside her shoe, on her pillow, inside her makeup bag and even on a box of crackers.

Holly, 40, was surprised when she returned home after a holiday last year to find her beloved pet had defecated on her pillow – and is convinced he did it to prove a point after he was left with a dogsitter.

Since then, the cheeky mutt has repeated the dirty protest 15 times despite otherwise being completely housetrained.


Assistant charity director Holly, from Kentucky, US, said: “You name it, Frank’s pooed on it.

“He has incredible aim. He definitely does it on purpose, he wants to make sure we know he’s angry.

“One time, I came back from a trip and he had pooed on my crackers and in my makeup bag.

“He’s an angry pooer. If we go on vacation then he will poo on something.

“I’ll probably spend the next seven years finding and cleaning up his angry poos.

“I picked him out of a whole litter and made him a part of our family, and you can’t un-family someone just because they poo in your shoe.”

Holly, mum to Olivia, 14, and Oliver, 11, said Frank shows no shame even though he’s housetrained.

She suspects she’ll never be able to put an end to his vengeful pooing after adopting him five years ago as a puppy.

The single mum-of-two added: “My son, Oliver, is his favourite person, they sleep together and they’re attached at the hip – so when he went to a sleepover Frank was annoyed and he pooed in my shoe.

“We have three other dogs but we know it’s him every time. He doesn’t even have a guilt face, there’s no shame at all.

“We foster dogs and we think he’ll do it if he feels slighted or because he wants more attention.

“But I still love him. He is the most loving dog. He loves the kids and every time they aren’t here he’s beside himself.”