Animals Video

By Will Lailey and James Somper


Cat lovers can now send their furry friends off for a night in a luxurious cattery – that’s plusher than most human hotels.

Moggies staying at the Lawlor Cat Hotel in Brentwood, Essex, are served up caviar and are pampered in their very own spa while their owners jet off on their own holidays.

Mum-of-two Jane Lawlor, 48, opened the luxury hotel – set in seven acres after she was left unimpressed by the standard of catteries across the UK.

Now, the property manager has transformed her home into a fully fledged cat hotel complete with 23 luxury suites just for cats.

The pampered cats are given their own suites, receive spa treatments and even have the option to nibble on scrumptious treats ranging from Atlantic prawns and lobster tail to Beluga caviar.

The hotel was recently awarded a five star rating by the local council.

Jane said: “It’s five star luxury.

“We recognise this isn’t just your pet, it’s a member of your family.

“We do our very best to make sure they’re looked after and cared for.

“We’ve never had a stressed cat and by the time it comes to go home they usually don’t want to because they’ve had such a good time.”

Jane said the idea for opening the hotel came after she visited a cattery with a view to sending her four cats – Archie, William, Harry and Stable – before she and husband Richard, 52, and twins, Patrick and Rory, 13, went on holiday.

Shocked at the standard, Jane decided to transform an out building in the grounds of her home into a fully-fledged cat hotel with 8 luxury suites.

The hotel proved such a success that Jane built another out building in the grounds of her home with sixteen additional suites, bringing the grand total of cat suites to 23.

Booking requests are taken online and owners are given a code to access 24 hour CCTV so they can check in on their cat anywhere in the world.

From the moment a cat arrives they are pampered like royalty.

A typical day begins at 7am when the cats are awoken by their own maid who empties their litter tray and cleans their water bowel.

The cats are left to their own devices until midday when lunch is served to them in their suite on a China plate which is brought in on a silver restaurant cloche.

The meals range from Whiskas cat food to luxurious Beluga caviar, lobster tails and smoked salmon which can be ordered at the owners’ request.

At 4pm the cats are visited by cat handlers who groom them and perform any additional spa treatments that have been requested.

Treatments range from fur cleaning, nail treatments and even meditation sessions.

The day draws to a close at 8pm when a flameless candle in each cats suite is lit and a special treat of Dreamies is placed on their pillow – just like in a real hotel.

Jane said: “When I tried to check my cats into a cattery I didn’t leave them there. I didn’t think it was good enough.

“When we bought our current house in 2013 there was a coach house which was my husband’s man cave.

“I thought perhaps I should open my own hotel for cats where they would be treated properly.

“So, I persuaded my husband Richard to close his man cave so we could have the space.

“We converted it into eight luxury suites. Each suite is complete with its own luxury cat bed, cat tower, litter tray and CCTV so that the cat’s owner can watch it anywhere in the world 24/7.

“Booking requests are taken online and we confirm the booking over email. It’s just like booking into a proper human hotel.

“The day before the cat arrives we send the owner a CCTV code so they can login and see the cat the entire time they’re away so there’s no anxiety.

“We take vaccinations records on arrival as well and note any other additional needs or dietary requirements.

“Once the cat arrives we open their box and let them go out at there own pace.”

Each cat is given a tasty range of feline foods and owners can even indulge their furry favourites with delicacies such as Beluga caviar and lobster on request.

Prices range from £20-£25 a night.

Jane has also written a children’s book about the hotel called Archie & The Lawlor Cat Hotel.