Life Video

By James Somper


This heartwarming video shows the moment a brave tot who lost all four limbs to sepsis drives out in his very own mini Range Rover.

One-year-old Oliver Aisthorpe, lost his arms and legs after a simple throat infection developed into deadly sepsis back in March 2019.

Devastatingly, even after he beat the infection, Oliver’s limbs began to self amputate – and his leg even came away in his mother’s hand.

For the last six months, Oliver’s movement has been restricted as he is still too small to receive prosthetic limbs.

But brave mum Abigail Wardle, 23, from Cleethorpes, Lincs, bought Oliver his very own mini car so he can still get out and about and explore like other kids his age.

She said: “He absolutely loves the car.

“He’s such a curious and inquisitive child so not being able to move around much has been challenging for him.

“The car lets him get out and about a bit more without me having to push or hold him which I think he really loves.”

The car, which cost Abigail £200, allows Oliver to get out and about without having to be carried or left in his pushchair.

Abigail is able to control Oliver’s steering with a remote control.

The toddler lost all four limbs after he developed sepsis from an undiagnosed throat infection.

Abbie was told three times that Oliver would not survive and even had her brave boy baptised.

Incredibly, though, the little boy pulled through – and survived with no damage to his brain, but the sepsis has caused both hands and his legs to turn black and effectively die off.

Oliver had his limbs amputated in April 2019 and has been back home since June.

Abigail added: I am just so proud of Oliver and what he’s overcome.

“He has taken everything in his stride and is just so incredibly resilient. He makes me smile every day.

“Already, he is trying to work out how to roll over and play with his toys with his stumps.

“I could have come out of the other end of this with no son, so that’s what I focus on.

“We have our bad days, but I know that there will be better days to come. ”

Oliver’s family are raising money for his prosthetic limbs on GoFundMe.

You can donate here: