Nature Video

By Taniya Dutta


The world’s biggest flower has blossomed in an Indonesian tropical forest – only to die within a week.

The video shows conservationist taking measurement of the flower that has bloomed in the forest of the nature reserve in Marambuang Nagarai Barini village in West Sumatra, Indonesia.

While this is the only flower blossomed yet, there are four others expected to bloom in next couple of months.

The massive flower called Rafflesia Tuan-Mudae is 117cm wide – the biggest ever grown, with experts at The Nature Conservation Agency BKSDA, predicting that the diameter of the petals may increase further.

Ade Putra, from the Indonesia conservation board, said: “For this type of species, the diameter is quite large.

“In 2017 we encountered the same flower with a 107cm diameter.”

According to Ade, based on scientific records and documentation, the diameter size found last month, is the largest for 31 types of Rafflesia flowers in the world.

Rafflesia is a member of the Rafflesiaceae family and lives as a parasite on vines, but only blooms for a few days at a time.