Amazing Video

By Federico Cornetto


This is the breath-taking moment a daring skydiver darted through a group of parachutists at 150mph.

Experienced skydiver Ian Drennan was filmed performing an amazing and risky stunt at the Skydive Sebastian centre, in Sebastian, Florida, on December 14.

Ian flew at the dizzying speed of 150mph through a group of 15 parachutists, who opened a gap of a few metres between them to allow the daredevil to glide through.

Richo Butts, who was flying behind Ian and captured the amazing scene, said: “This stunt took a few jumps to put together, but everyone involved also trained for years to get to the point where being on the jump made sense.

“It’s difficult in that it’s a lot of people who all have to be in exactly the right place at the right time.

“The closing speeds were in excess of 150mph, so obviously if we had a collision it would have been catastrophic.

“Everyone on the jump understood where they needed to be and where their outs were, so while the potential consequences were dire, I didn’t feel like we were taking any unnecessary risks.”