Life Video

By Randal Coombs


A son and mum carry on a sweet annual tradition of him giving her doughnuts after coming out as gay.

On Christmas morning 2015, Colin Field took the brave decision to come out to his mum Alexandra and decided some Dunkin Donuts would smooth the process.

For the last four years, the now 22-year-old has kept the same ritual at home in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, trying to deliver his news with jelly doughnuts and Boston cremes.

Each year, Colin confirms he is gay with Alexandra, 53, replying with she knows, but this year he mixed things up by saying: “I donut like girls.”

Colin said: “My mum’s initial reaction was also a big smile and ‘I know’ followed by a hug.

“We try for jelly and Boston cream but they have less and less variety each year.

“This will go on forever we just got to come up with more creative ways to do it each year.

“A cute detail was that my dad drives me to get the donuts and he’d asked in the past ‘do you like girls’ and for some reason he asked on the ride to get donuts that morning.

“That morning, I said ‘no’ and he asked ‘do you like boys’ and I said ‘yes’.

“He gave a big smile and all he said was ‘tell your mother when we get home’.”