Offbeat Video

By Joe McFarlane


A prankster dad didn’t care about his fancy surroundings as he used a discarded lobster claw in place of his missing finger.

As part of the build up to Christmas, film student Stef Vanpeteghem, 21, and his father Christopher, 52, met up in a fancy restaurant, Cortina, in Wevelgem, Belgium, for a festive celebratory meal.

Ignoring the posh surroundings, Christophe decided to make Stef laugh by placing a discarded claw in place of his missing pinkie.

Christophe works as a mechanic, helping to construct industrial generators and fridges and the skilled labourer lost his little finger last year when a chain ripped it from his left hand in an accident.

Clearly not getting too disheartened about his loss, Christophe uses his missing pinkie as prank fodder any time he can, regardless of the setting.

Stef said: “Because I study film in Brussels, we rarely see each other.

“Either he is working or I am.

“So, the dinner was set up months before as an early Christmas dinner. We make sure that we get to see each other, and it happened, so it was a special occasion.

“My dad is always pulling pranks, but this time he outdid himself.”