Nature Video

By Randal Coombs


An intrepid explorer stood on a precarious mountain peak as a drone flew around him.

Climber Stefan Jungen had just conquered Chli Bielenhorn in Switzerland on October 13 and decided to head over to a ridge known as Schildkrötengrat – turtle ridge in English.

Despite standing at 2940 metres, the 29-year-old stood proudly on the head of the turtle as the steep views tumble down beside him.

Stefan said: “It was just after the year’s first snowfall so we decided to go for a climbing tour.

“In the summer Schildkrötengrat is quite an easy and popular hike, meaning it can be quite crowded.

“But we had it all for ourselves.

“Overwhelmed by the quite bizarre rock formations in the area we took a lot of time taking pictures and shooting videos, especially on the head of the ‘turtle’.

“It took six hours in total to reach the top – two and a half hours of walking and three and a half hours of climbing.”